Tarhi Camp - Sentrim Tsavo East Camp

10 years ago the original Tarhi camp was founded by Margret and Trevor! Since 2 year the camp is running under the Sentrim Group! This little safari camp has 21 tents and is located in one of the richest game areas in the Tsavo East nationalpark. Surrounded by prairie and near the swamp kanderi offers the camp best prerequisites for a successful game viewing!

Each tent is equipped with shower and toilet and small paths lead through the camp, which is located in the middle of the wilderness of Tsavo! Just a simple fence separates the visitors from East Africa's big game! During the afternoon and into the evening hours many wild animals can be observed at the floodlit waterhole. Elephants are always around, very often Lions, Leopard or Striped Hyaena can be spotet!

The new Tarhi Camp is not anylonger a rather simple camp and it is one of the best places in the Tsavo nationalpark for big game safaris. We have a lot of guest which spend 7 or more days in this camp

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Tarhi Camp