Galdessa Camp

The main camp is located on the southern bank of the Galana River, partially concealed by coppices of doum palms.

The riverside location of the lounge and dining room ensure frequent wildlife sightings without the need to leave camp, as the game seeks relief from the heat of the day in the cool waters of the river.

11 comfortable and spacious thatched and semi-tented bungalows on wooden platforms, each with an en-suite bathroom and private veranda.
Guests are ensured their privacy as all of the bungalows are situated a good distance apart and natural foliage is used to subtly conceal neighboring bandas.
The bathrooms are large and have traditional bucket showers, flush toilets and basins with running water.

The camp has its own lounge and dining room where guests enjoy hearty meals and can relax during their free time from activities.
One of the true delights of being on safari is a bush breakfast after an early morning walk or game drive.
Guests are taken to a dry, sandy riverbed to find a table laid with pristine linen and china under the shade of the doum palms. Waiters appear from the bushes with cold, refreshing face towels to take your orders, as the welcome smell of freshly cooking bacon and sausages wafts through the air.
Hidden from view, a camp cook manages to produce a farmhouse breakfast in the most rudimentary bush kitchen. Your job is to relax and enjoy… nothing more!

The perfect ending to a day in the bush is with an ice cold cocktail and hors d’oeuvres in one of the Park’s most spectacular settings.
Brightly colored rugs and sofa cushions are laid out on the large boulders overlooking the Galana River where you can lay back and relax and watch the sun slowly set over Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tsavo East National Park is great walking country, and Galdessa Camp is renowned for its walking safaris. Guests can enjoy discovering the diversity of the park on foot and have an intimate encounter with the wildlife that frequents the area, including lion, cheetah, serval cat, genet, elephant, Maasai giraffe, waterbuck, impala, lesser kudu, Perter’s gazelle, dik dik, zebra, fringe eared oryx, eland, mongoose, monitor lizard.

Galana Brücke / Furt und Weg nach Ithumba Galana Brücke / Furt und Weg nach Ithumba

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Galdessa Camp